Meet the Team

Timothy Kamuzu Phiri 

Executive Director (Co-Founder)

Timothy's Profile 

Timothy Kamuzu Phiri is an environmentalist and environmental educator based in Lusaka Zambia. He worked as a teacher and lecturer at St. Canisius Secondary School and the University of Zambia respectively before embarking on a lifetime dream to promote environmental sustainability through Environmental Education and mind-set change in the Civil Society landscape. He holds a Master of Education in Environmental Education, a Bachelor of Education in Science Education (Biology/Geography) from the University of Zambia. He also holds a Diploma in Science Education from the Copperbelt Secondary Teachers’ Training College (COSETCO) currently called Mukuba University. He is a firm believer in the role of mindset and values-based solutions to environmental problems. The solving of the majority of our environmental problems depends on the perception people have of the environment-seeing oneself as a part of the environment leads to empathy towards nature.

Innocent Kondwani Phiri 

Head of Operations (Co-Founder)

Innocent's Profile 

Innocent Kondwani Phiri is an environmentalist, sociologist and developmental studies expert based in Lusaka Zambia. He graduated from the University of Zambia with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology with Developmental Studies. Innocent has a keen passion for the social behaviour of people and how people in the modern era have the best tools of communication at their disposal and yet are so disconnected from each other and the essence of humanity. He seeks to find ways to help people empathize with one another and the environment in which all their social activities take place. He believes that a newfound empathy and appreciation for one’s roots and culture are an inevitable ally in the discovery of lasting solutions to our environmental problems and social dissonance. 

David Mwamba

Environmental Education and Communication Officer

David Mwamba is a Lusaka based environmentalist and environmental educator. He holds a Bachelor of Education in Environmental Education from the University of Zambia. David's passion is in the power of communication tools and social media as a force for change and economic liberation. He is an avid YouTuber who believes social media is not a flag for the information age by chance. He believes true freedom, education, entrepreneurship and influence in this modern era can only be attained through the mastering of communication and social media tools and platforms.  

Chimwemwe Chinani

Community Outreach Officer

Chimwemwe is a sociologist and developmental studies expert based in Lusaka Zambia. She is is a nature lover who is passionate about caring and protecting the environment. She is a cheerful people person and the key liaison person for our community outreach to communities in need. Socializing and networking with people is second nature to Chimwemwe and she takes a keen interest in the role of social activities in local communities and their intricate connection to development and the diverse economic activities that people embark on for survival.

Shakaliata Kombe

Project Development and Research Officer 

Eng. Shakaliata Kombe is a Lusaka based environmentalist. He is an energy and water engineer who holds a Masters of Engineering in Renewable Energy Engineering and a Bachelors of Engineering in Environmental Engineering from the University of Zambia and Copperbelt University respectively. He also holds a Certificate in Teaching Methodology for Engineering and Health based programmes from the Lusaka Apex Medical University. Shakaliata has a keen interest and passion in developing alternative and renewable energy sources to mitigate the excess consumption of charcoal and mitigate the devastating impact charcoal burning and consumption are having on Zambia's woodlands and forests.  

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